Friends on the Road

Moto Servicio Garrido

A family-run motorcycle repair and painting shop located in Mexico City (map). Owner Guillermo Garrido is a master mechanic who became a great friend of Greg's as they worked through a pernicious series of electrical and mechanical problem with Greg’s Yamaha cruiser. If nearby, stop in to say hello.

Friendship Bridge

A U.S.-based nonprofit that promotes women’s empowerment by offering micro-loans, education, and health services to rural and vulnerable women in Guatemala. We are proud to support Friendship Bridge’s fundraising, health program, and business analytics, and check out our ride to San Marcos to meet a Friendship Bridge artisan client (watch).

Lake Atitlan Environmental Interests Group

An all-volunteer group of local and expatriate activists who are committed to saving the Lake Atitlan ecosystem from untreated waste and agricultural runoff through numerous small-scale remediation projects. Visit them at and watch our ride out to help reforest the tul plant near Santiago Atitlán (watch).


Kurgo designs fantastic products to promote you and your dog's active, outdoors lifestyle. Jess discovered Kurgo’s Baxter Backpack during an extensive search for a dog backpack or saddlebag for our German Shepherd puppy, Moxie. Check out our series of excursions that put Kurgo’s best products to the test (watch)!

Chiltepe Motors

Chiltepe Motors co-owner Eduardo Santella, has become a great friend of ours through a shared love of motorcycling, travel, and great coffee. Chiltepe sells a range of gear, parts, and accessories; performs servicing and repairs; and has a passion for restoring classic motorbikes. Eduardo's other passion is film and marketing and he owns production company Citric Digital Media Studios (website)

Keith Pokorski

A professional cameraman (IMDB) and adventure motorcycling enthusiast, we met Keith shortly after moving to New Orleans, USA and immediately hit it off. He rides a 2003 F650GS Dakar and now lives in Atlanta. Check out some of our moto trips together: Mississippi Hill Country Loop; Tail of the Dragon; and Semuc Champey, Guatemala.

Dieseldorff Kaffee

Continuing her great grandfather’s tradition, our friend Caroline Grimler recently opened Dieseldorff Kaffee (website) café in Gautemala City (map) where you can watch the coffee roasting process while sipping on a fresh brew grown in the Alta Verapaz mountains near Cobán. You could say that Dieseldorff is the official coffee of Rough on the Road!

Diversiones Acuáticas Balam

What better way to experience the grandeur of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, than by kayak? Rene Portillo, owner of Diversiones Acuáticas Balam, rents kayaks and scuba equipment near the public dock in Panajachel (Facebook). He even has a kayak especially modified to bring your big dog out with you (watch)! owners, Megan Jepson and Marshall Ballick, opened Greg’s eyes to adventure motorcycles when they lent him their BMW F650GS single to ride for a day excursion in Belize in 2013. Read about their North to South America moto adventure (blog) and visit their website if you’re in the market for top quality Montessori materials (website).