The Best Things Said

Discussing child protection issues

'I am a man. I am meant to die anywhere.'

'All those good ideas...after a few drinks they mercifully fade away.'

'Yeah, debt and responsibility are a real kick in the balls.'

'There are two things you gotta have if you wanna make it: grit and reckoning.'

'I can't eat when I'm around you. You make me lose my appetite...I meant that in a good way.'

‘A veces, tal vez muy pocas, se tiene verdadera conciencia de que estás viviendo un momento valioso que no se repetirá ni siquiera recreando el mismo escenario. Qué maravillosa sensación!’

'Alright, the truth is that I love to lie.'

'Maybe I should have shown more gravel.'

'We are here at your gate but we can't come in. It seems I have insulted your security guard.'

'Do islands float?'

'God created the human being and they are blessed. So they do not worry what comes out of their body.'

'The priorities of this department are the hygiene and sanitation. And water. And hygiene and sanitation.'

'Why don't you sit down and think very well?'

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