These Are the Stake-Holders

Talking with local business owners

‘You know, in the villages there is a town crier who tells everyone the news. The people go out to fields in the morning and, when they come back to the village, the town crier goes around to tell them the news. Maybe the chief’s daughter has taken ill or a government engineer came to inspect the borehole – things like that. Even maybe you will be in your hut resting and he will speak loudly to the people on the street so that you will also hear the news from inside your home.

‘So you will come to the village during the day to mobilize the community for a meeting or an assessment or something. Most of the people will be out in the fields. So you will tell this town crier that you want the village stakeholders to assemble for a meeting in the church tomorrow. In the evening he will go around to spread the news of the meeting in the church. The next day you will come to the church and you will be surprised to find that there are only old people. You will ask the town crier why he has assembled the old people and he will tell you that these are the stake-holders.’

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