Lying in a Ditch Somewhere

Greg on beach

Jess: Have you spoken to Eric lately?

Me: No.

Jess: What if something happened to them?

Me: Like what?

Jess: I don’t know. Like something bad?

Me: I don’t think so.

Jess: Well, did they go on their trip?

Me: Sure.

Jess: Well how do you know?

Me: I suppose I don’t.

Jess: Are you sure nothing happened to him?

Me: Yeah, I’m sure.

Jess: But you haven’t heard from him?

Me: No.

Jess: I thought you were good friends.

Me: Very good.

Jess: But if you don’t talk for so long?

Me: We don’t need to.

Jess: What does that mean?

Me: It means that we talk when we want to.

Jess: It doesn’t bother you that it has been a while?

Me: There’s no quota.

Jess: OK, but still how do you know nothing happened to him?

Me: I don’t think so.

Jess: But couldn’t he be lying in a ditch somewhere?

Me: Could be.

Jess: But you don’t think so?

Me: No.

Jess: How can you know?

Me: I suppose I can’t.

Jess: Then how are you so easy about it?

Me: Bad news travels fast.

Jess: So when will you hear from him?

Me: When he wants to write.

Jess: Couldn’t you call him?

Me: Sure. If I feel like it.

Jess: So that’s how it goes then?

Me: For years.

Jess: Ugh! Boys!

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