MEXICO La Trinitaria to El Chiflon Falls

The off-road shortcut that happens to avoid the customs revision near Comitán de Dominguéz

Dist: 62 km; Date: Jul 2017

It really makes no sense to start this route at La Trinitaria but just south of town two-lane, Highway 190 begins a 12 km stretch of most descent through the mountains that offers spectacular, high-speed twisties with some excellent views. Just as the highway begins to straighten out, take the dirt turn-off to the right. Google Maps registers no name for this town but does offer grocery store Granja El Pollon as a useful landmark.

Ride through town and enjoy the next 16 km of slightly rocky, gravelly dirt that is mostly good for 2nd or 3rd gear but presents a few somewhat more challenging sections. Trees line the road but you’re certain to pass through when the sun is directly overhead and it’ll be plenty hot. The final 13 km of this unnamed road are tarmac and will take you passed numerous country homes with swimming pools.

At Highway 226, go left for a 12 km jaunt to the series of waterfalls known as El Chiflón. This is a huge tourist draw but, I think, for good reason because the falls are quite beautiful. If you’re looking for someplace nice to stay, go back the way you came on Highway 226 and continue 11 km from where you first merged onto the 226. At Tizmol, head northwest along La Rejoya River to Canto del Agua Ecolodge, which has pleasant rustic cabins with one in particular nestled at a secluded bend in the river. Just note, if you follow Google Maps at Tizmol, it will direct you to Calle de Santa Cruz, which is loads of fun but really little more than a rural track. For a more relaxing, on-tarmac approach, take La Rejoya Ch instead.

Map here.

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