EL SALVADOR Calle al Volcán

This is surprisingly fun road just outside the congestion of San Salvador and includes a giant crater

Dist: 28 km; Date Jan 2014

If you find yourself in San Salvador, this is a great way to get out. Just aim to do it during the week or you’ll hit a whole lot of traffic.

From the main east-west Bulevar Monseñor Romero take LIB10N north. You will climb Volcán San Salvador for about 10 km. At the top, make a left just opposite Las Brumas Grill and snake your way to the volcano summit where you enter El Boquerón National Park. El Boquerón is a 5 km diameter, 550 meter deep crater in Volcán San Salvador. El Boqueroncito is the small crater within the crater.

After a walk around the rim, return to LIB10N via LIB33W and it’s about 18 km of serpentine tarmac until the way straightens out as you near Quezaltepeque.

Map here.

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