PANAMA Guabito Border Detour

If you’re crossing to or from Costa Rica, here’s a short detour to spice it up

Dist: 12 km; Date: Jan 2014

After crossing into Panama at the far less frequented northern Sixaola-Guabito border and after crossing the improbably rickety International Bridge over the Sixaola River, leave Guabito on the nameless, unpaved road going southeast into the fields, rather than following paved Route 915 north then southeast. The two routes rejoin several kilometers onward towards Changuinola but the unpaved road is the prettier. It will take you past some wide-eyed locals and over several decrepit bridges that will find you squeezing your eyelids tightly shut. The whole detour is just over 5 km and isn’t much to speak of but it is, by definition, the road less traveled.

Map here.

#Panama #Motorcycle #Offroad #BMW

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