USA LA 15 km of LA-307 – The Only Curves (I think) in SE Louisiana

It’s no Tail of the Dragon but it’s the most curves per mile I’ve found in southeastern Louisiana

Dist: 15 km; Date 2014-2016

Don’t go out of your way for this but if you live or are riding through the area… From the Westbank of New Orleans take US-90 south to the junction with LA-182. Just after merging onto LA-182 take a right onto LA-307 and settle in for about 15 km of flat but meandering tarmac through green fields. If you’ve been riding much in Louisiana, take it easy at first because your tires are bound to be squared from all the straight roads. The fun part ends at Bayou L’Ours where you might like to take a swamp tour.

Map here.

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