COLOMBIA Villavieja to Baraya through Tatacoa Desert

A beautiful and sometimes challenging jaunt through the Tatacoa Desert

Dist: 30 km; Date Feb 2014 (partial)

Leaving Villavieja along the Tatacoa Rd the Mirador El Cuzco, which comes after about 7 km, is a useful milestone because right about here there is a cluster of small restaurants and hotels before the tarmac ends and desolate Tatacoa Desert really takes form. Once off the tarmac, you will encounter a restaurant to two a few kilometers off and then a lot of nothing until Baraya about 23 km further on.

I completed about half of this route and then returned because Jess had decided to have a cold drink and hot relax back by the mirador. She had taken a spill on a wet, mossy section of the road coming in from Villavieja and was well due a relax, having to ultimately ride the 277 km back to Bogotá with a badly bent handlebar. Anyway, after a very smooth introductory few kilometers, I found the road to be quite challenging as I proceeded but I was a very inexperienced off-roader back then. Please let me know about your experience and impressions.

Map here.

#Colombia #Motorcycle #Offroad #BMW

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