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31 Mar 2010

Before starting this trip it had been five years since I learned to ride a motorcycle and owned my first bike. That bike was my only bike and I had it for only a week before I was rear-ended waiting at a stoplight and the bike was smashed. I, luckily, escaped with only a couple of bruises and a burn from where I accidentally touched the exhaust pipe. During the five years since the accident, I had...

31 Mar 2010

A mountainous ride to a lovely town and then bathe in “Happiness”

Dist: 24 km, Date Mar 2010

San Agustín is something of a random starting point but it’s as good as any, I suppose. More likely you’ll approach from the CA-2 and then head north. You approach the pleasant mountain town of Berlin after an enjoyable meander of 15 km, which will take three quarters of an hour. “Happiness” – that’s what Al...

21 Mar 2010

It’s not a major or well-excavated site but it sure is a fun ride to get there

Dist: 16 km; Date Mar 2010

Leave the tourist-drawing town of San Ignacio going northwest on Bullet Tree Rd – Belize has some great names for things. In the town of Bullet Tree Falls cross the Mopan River and veer right off Main Rd onto Santa Familia Rd. Take the second left, which appears nameless on Google Maps. From her...

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