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26 Mar 2012

‘So you all know I’m petrified of flying. It’s one of my phobias,’ the British aid worker said.


‘I feel like we talk about your phobias every week,’ said the female Australian aid worker.


It was Sunday evening and there was a football match being projected onto the large screen. Around the table were a half dozen aid workers, several rounds of empty beer bottles, a fresh round of mostly full beer...

19 Mar 2012

It is dark and cold. If you look to the horizon beside you, you can see where the sky meets the mountain ridge. Both are colored in shades of darkness. You follow the ridge with your eyes until you are straining your neck to look upwards and you lose your balance as you plod forward among the train of hikers. Ahead in the distance there is another train and behind there are several more. You can i...

5 Mar 2012

Shira CampIn the morning you wake up stiff in the back and in the muscles of your legs and your shoulders. Your back is stiff because the ground is hard and gravelly through your thin isolation pad and your legs and shoulders are stiff from the long hiking and the weight of your pack from the day before. You might be cold or you might not be - that depends on how good your sleeping bag is and your isolation...

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