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28 Feb 2013

Jess:  Have you spoken to Eric lately?


Me:    No.


Jess:  What if something happened to them?


Me:    Like what?


Jess:  I don’t know. Like something bad?


Me:    I don’t think so.


Jess:  Well, did they go on their trip?


Me:    Sure.


Jess:  Well how do you know?


Me:    I suppose I don’t.


Jess:  Are you sure nothing happened to him?


Me:    Yeah, I’m sur...

13 Feb 2013

‘I mean I haven’t seen my brother in years, you know,’ Jess’s friend says. ‘Not since he finally got off drugs and went with his girlfriend to live in Newfoundland. I wanted them to stay with my parents so that I could have my space and I could visit them but then I could also come home to escape.’


Jess in downtown Toronto

She takes a strong pull from her lager and she continues her story. I am sitting across from her and...

6 Feb 2013

‘Is it time to open presents?’ Jess’s nephew Payton asks again – it has been his refrain for tonight.


‘Yes. It is time,’ Jess’s sister Lillian says finally.


We have all finished the fondue that is a Swiss and Ferndriger tradition. Lillian has kept Payton at bay as long as she can. She watches over the new baby, Xavier, while Payton races past towards the tree. Jess sits next to me and talks to her...

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