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16 Apr 2013

I feed the line in with my left hand so that it hangs slack from the rod just above the reel and begins to coil at my feet. I pinch the line above the slack part with the trigger finger of my right hand so that I will feel if there is a strike and the line will be taut when I jerk the rod to set the hook. It is the late morning and there is a high, warm sun and a sharp, cool breeze. There are no s...

8 Apr 2013

The collision occurred very suddenly and very slowly as all split-second things do. When we hit, the motorbike went down beneath me but I was left standing so that it felt as if I had dismounted very nimbly. I did not see if the motorcycle taxi driver and his passenger went down but, if they did, they were both on their feet when I next saw them. Neither wore a helmet and both looked very young an...

1 Apr 2013

He is tall and slender and today he wears a black suit jacket as he has worn every Wednesday before. The jacket is very slick and shiny so that he looks as if he might be a pimp or a gambler or a traveling salesman. He is a preacher. The jacket is poorly tailored. It is too broad at the shoulders and then it pulls too tight where it single-buttons at the stomach.


When I arrive he is arranging plas...

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