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30 Nov 2013

Day 53-56 – Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico to San Felipe, Guanajuato – 11,213 km



‘I’m ashamed to because of how dirty they are,’ she said.


‘That’s the whole point!’ I said exasperated because she had used this same argument all throughout Baja California and again for the past several days on the mainland. ‘You wouldn’t need to do it if they were clean.’


‘I know, but it’s like I want to clean them bef...

26 Nov 2013

Day 48-53 – Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico to Mazatlan, Sinaloa – 10,586 km



Day 48 to 53 route

It was sweltering under the afternoon sun as he hurried through the sorting and arranging of his gear and clothing. It was


packed in duffle bags, backpacks, and stuff sacks that were of various sizes, shapes, colors, and states of disrepair. These – of which there were probably a dozen separate packages –...

19 Nov 2013

Days 45-47 – Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico to Bahia de los Angeles – 9,278 km



‘Bean, I’ve really made a mess of your birthday!’ I said.


She was sitting on a rock in the small shade made from the taller rocks and the low afternoon sun. She had gone down twice today already – both times in sandy patches – and there was still at least 20 more hard kilometers of rock-strew dirt road before we woul...

16 Nov 2013

A Hair-raising, paved, corkscrew ride from the gulf coast through the western Sierra Madre mountains

Dist: 175 km, Date: Nov 2013

We reached Mazatlán via ferry from La Paz in Baja California Sur but, however you get there, depart on Hwy 40 (not Hwy 40D, which is the well-manicured paid highway). The insanity of nonstop twisties; oncoming semis; and gravel-strewn construction zones begins just after...

15 Nov 2013

Days 42-44 – Los Angeles, California, USA to Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico - 8,586 km



Tijuana street scene

‘No se puede otorgar más de un permiso por persona,’ the customs official explained simply and politely in Spanish. ‘More than one import permit cannot be issued per person.’


‘Pero usted sí puede otorgar el otro permiso de vehícuo a ella como lleva una carta de autorización de mi, el propietario titular, y la...

13 Nov 2013

Days 28-41 – Las Vegas, NV, USA to Los Angeles, CA – 8,134 km



‘I’m going bad in my stomach,’ I said. ‘I’m going bad very quickly.’


‘It was your idea to come here,’ she said.


‘I know but that was before my stomach went bad,’ I said.


‘Ok, love, do you want to turn back,’ she said.


‘No, I want to keep going,’ I said, ‘but just know that my stomach is going bad and it’s paining me to keep going.’



8 Nov 2013

Skirt the gulf edge of Baja through the hot, rugged desert then up through the hills and finally back to the coast

Dist: 333 km; Date: Nov 2013

San Felipe is a good place for breakfast or fish tacos before starting out. Head south along the Gulf of California coast on Highway 5 for 160 km until you reach Desierto del Mar restaurant. If you want to do this route in two stretches, this is a good place...

7 Nov 2013

Days 22-27 – Mackay, ID, USA to Mesquite, NV – 6,497 km



It was much worse than it looks - honestly!

It started out as a manicured dirt road when it left the tarmac parking lot at the end of the scenic drive. As I rode along, I felt the small pebbles kick out from under my surefooted tires and heard the metallic resounds as they struck the aluminum skid plate that shields the underside of the engine block. Even as it descended deeper into t...

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