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28 Jul 2017

The off-road shortcut that happens to avoid the customs revision near Comitán de Dominguéz

Dist: 62 km; Date: Jul 2017

It really makes no sense to start this route at La Trinitaria but just south of town two-lane, Highway 190 begins a 12 km stretch of most descent through the mountains that offers spectacular, high-speed twisties with some excellent views. Just as the highway begins to straighten ou...

26 Jul 2017

A scenic ride among several lakes and ending for a so-so meal at a beautiful waterfall

Dist: 114 km; Date: Jul 2017

Leave La Trinitaria riding west on Highway 307 have an interesting audiobook or podcast ready because the first 35 km of this route are straight and uneventful unless your concentration wanes and you fail to notice the topes (speedbumps). Alternatively you might enter this route midway...

15 Jun 2017

A spectacular, serpentine ribbon of tarmac that runs through the heat of Copper Canyon

Dist: 157 km: Date: Nov 2009

One of the best 150 km stretches that you can possibly treat yourself to. It takes about four hours, if tells you something. Spectacular views throughout and feel how the temperature changes with each ascent and descent you make. There are several unpaved roads that connect to the hand...

29 Jun 2016

If you’re passing through this area anyways, why not visit the ruins at El Sabinito?

Dist: ≈187 km; Date: Jun 2016

Highway 180 going south out of Soto la Marina undulates through some low hills. It’s not great ride, though it is a relief from the flat, lowland monotony if you’re coming from the U.S. border at McAllen or Brownsville. Still, if you’re traveling down the Atlantic coast of Mexico and yo...

22 Dec 2013

An all-tarmac journey through the Sierra Nevada mountain range – a worthwhile ride in its own right but avoids the brutal winds at La Ventosa

Dist: 238km, Date: Dec 2013

Oaxaca is a spectacular must-see during your trip through Mexico but eventually you must press on and, when you do, consider Hwy 179 up through the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Leaving Oaxaca, you can opt for the 175 which drives i...

16 Nov 2013

A Hair-raising, paved, corkscrew ride from the gulf coast through the western Sierra Madre mountains

Dist: 175 km, Date: Nov 2013

We reached Mazatlán via ferry from La Paz in Baja California Sur but, however you get there, depart on Hwy 40 (not Hwy 40D, which is the well-manicured paid highway). The insanity of nonstop twisties; oncoming semis; and gravel-strewn construction zones begins just after...

8 Nov 2013

Skirt the gulf edge of Baja through the hot, rugged desert then up through the hills and finally back to the coast

Dist: 333 km; Date: Nov 2013

San Felipe is a good place for breakfast or fish tacos before starting out. Head south along the Gulf of California coast on Highway 5 for 160 km until you reach Desierto del Mar restaurant. If you want to do this route in two stretches, this is a good place...

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